Community Advisory Panels

Connecting with the communities where we operate is a top priority for LANXESS. As a Responsible Care® operator, we understand our responsibility to provide transparency and establish a rapport with those who live near our facilities. One of the ways in which we develop these relationships is through the Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) that we participate in near a number of our manufacturing sites.

These groups – often a collection of community leaders and a diverse representation of the local area – meet regularly with LANXESS site management to openly communicate about mutual interests and the facility’s operations, as well as the community’s needs or concerns. Participants are then able to share information and provide relevant updates among their community and networks.

CAPs allow LANXESS employees to connect with our neighbors and establish trust throughout the community, while also providing direct involvement with and insight to our operations.

If you live near one of our facilities and would like to be considered for a CAP participant, please send us an e-mail via the link in the right margin with your name, contact information, and which facility you live near.


Please feel free to contact us. The right contact person will take care of your individual request.

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