Corporate Governance

LANXESS understands Corporate Governance as a form of responsible company management and control geared to longterm creation of value. The guidelines and basic principles for this are set out in the German Corporate Governance Code.
The code draws a distinction between statutory regulations on the management and oversight of companies listed on German stock exchanges, and nationally and internationally recognized standards of good management practice.

A Clear Commitment

The Board of Management of LANXESS and the Supervisory Board welcome the German Corporate Governance Code and support the recommendations and suggestions it contains. We are committed to foster trust among investors, customers, employees and the general public in the governance of the company.

Sustainable Corporate Governance

Information on Corporate Governance within LANXESS can be found in our current Corporate Governance Statement.  

LANXESS views compliance with laws and its own regulations as the basis of sustainable corporate governance. Our employees’ integrity and awareness of their responsibilities are key factors in the success of our company. Compliance with law and order, social responsibility, sustainable environmental protection, and production and product safety are part of our corporate culture.

Non-financial Report

This separate non-financial consolidated report by the LANXESS Group contains the non-financial disclosures required by Section 315c in conjunction with Section 289c of the German Commercial Code. It was compiled by the Board of Management and reviewed by the Supervisory Board of LANXESS AG.

Investor Relations

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