Equity Interest

LANXESS AG has direct or indirect majority holdings in the following companies (as of August, 2023).
Name and registered office of the company Capital share (%)
Fully consolidated companies  
LANXESS AG, Cologne -
CheMondis GmbH, Cologne 100
IAB Ionenaustauscher GmbH Bitterfeld, Greppin
IMD Natural Solutions GmbH, Dortmund 100
LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Cologne 100
LANXESS Global Business Services GmbH, Cologne  100
LANXESS Organometallics GmbH, Bergkamen 100
LANXESS Trademark GmbH & Co. KG, Leverkusen  100
MC (Germany) GmbH, Cologne  100
Saltigo GmbH, Leverkusen 100
THESEO Deutschland GmbH, Wietmarschen 100
EMEA (excluding Germany)
Anderol B.V., Venlo (Netherlands) 100
Antec International Ltd., Sudbury, Suffolk (Great Britain) 100
BIOLINK LIMITED, Hull (Great Britain) 100
Chemtura France S.A.S., Fitz James (France) 100
DDP Specialty Products Poland Sp.z.o.o., Warschau (Poland)  100
Emerald Kalama Chemical B.V., Rotterdam (Netherlands)  100
Emerald Kalama Chemical Holdings Ltd., St. Helier (Jersey)
Emerald Kalama Chemical Ltd., Widnes (Great Britain)
Emerald Kalama Chemical SRL, Milan (Italy)
Europigments, S.L., Barcelona (Spain)  52
Great Lakes Holding S.A.S., Fitz James (France) 100
INTACE S.A.S., Courbevoie (France)  100
LANXESS (Pty.) Ltd., Modderfontein (South Africa) 100
LANXESS Belgium NV, Kallo (Belgium)   100
LANXESS Central Eastern Europe s.r.o., Bratislava (Slovakia) 100
LANXESS Chemicals, S.L., Barcelona (Spain) 100
LANXESS Epierre SAS, Epierre (France) 100
LANXESS Holding UK Unlimited, Manchester (Great Britain) 100
LANXESS Investments Netherlands B.V., Venlo (Netherlands) 100
LANXESS Kimya Ticaret Limited Sirketi, Istanbul (Turkey) 100
LANXESS Limited, Manchester (Great Britain) 100
LANXESS Manufacturing Netherlands B.V., Venlo (Netherlands) 100
LANXESS S.A.S., Courbevoie (France) 100
LANXESS S.r.l., Milan (Italy) 100
LANXESS Sales Netherlands B.V., Venlo (Netherlands) 100
LANXESS Solutions Italy S.r.L., Latina (Italy) 100
LANXESS Solutions UK Ltd., Manchester (Great Britain) 100
LANXESS Switzerland GmbH, Frauenfeld (Switzerland) 100
LANXESS Urethanes UK Ltd., Baxenden NR Accrington (Great Britain) 100
MC (Netherlands) 1 B.V., Oegstgeest (Netherlands)  100
MC (Netherlands) 2 B.V., Oegstgeest (Netherlands) 100
MC Turkey Teknoloji Ltd. Sirketi, Istanbul (Turkey)  100
Microbial Control (Italy) S.r.l., Mailand (Italy)  100
Microbial Control (Switzerland) GmbH, Frauenfeld (Switzerland)  100
Microbial Control France SAS, Courbevoie Cedex (France)  100
Microbial Control Sweden Technologies AB, Stockholm (Sweden)  100
N&H International Holding 3 B.V., Oegstgeest (Netherlands)  100
Nutrition & Biosciences (Finland) Oy, Helsinki (Finland)  100
Nutrition & Biosciences (UK) Ltd., Manchester (UK)  100
Nutrition & Biosciences South Africa (Pty.) Ltd., Gauteng (South Africa)  100
Nutrition & Biosciences Spain S.L.U., Asturias (Spain)  100
Specialty Products FZE, Dubai (UAE)  100
Sybron Chemical Industries Nederland B.V., Ede (Netherlands)  100
Sybron Chemicals International Holdings Ltd., Manchester (Great Britain)    100
THESEO France SAS, Laval (France) 100
Chemtura Corporation Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V., México City (Mexico)  100
Emerald Kalama Chemical LLC, Wilmington (USA) 100
Emerald Performance Materials LLC, Wilmington (USA)  100
IPEL-Itibanyl Produtos Especiais Ltda., Jarinu (Brazil)  100
LANXESS Canada Co./Cie., Halifax (Canada) 100
LANXESS Corporation, Wilmington (USA) 100
LANXESS Indústria de Produtos Quimicos e Plasticos Ltda., São Paulo (Brazil)  100
LANXESS S.A. de C.V., Mexico City (Mexico)  100
LANXESS S.A., Buenos Aires (Argentina)  100
LANXESS Services US LLC, Wilmington (USA) 100
MC (US) 3 LLC, Wilmington (USA) 100
Nutrition & Biosciences Argentina S.A.U., Buenos Aires (Argentina) 100
Nutrition & Biosciences Canada Company, Oakville (Canada) 100
Nutrition & Biosciences Chile SpA, Santiago (Chile) 100
Nutrition & Biosciences Colombia S.A.S., Bogotá D.C. (Colombia) 100
Nutrition & Biosciences Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V., Mexico City (Mexico)  100
Nutrition & Biosciences USA 2, LLC, Wilmington (USA)  100
Rohm und Haas Wood Treatment LLC, Wilmington (USA)  100
Sybron Chemical Holdings Inc., Wilmington (USA) 100
THESEO SAÚDE ANIMAL LTDA., Descalvado (Brazil)  100

Chemtura China Holding Co. Ltd., Shanghai (China) 100
Danisco Nutrition & Biosciences Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)  100
Danisco Nutrition & Biosciences Taiwan Limited, Kaohsiung (Taiwan)  100
EPM Emerald Performance Hong Kong Ltd., Hong Kong (Hong Kong)  100
LANXESS (Liyang) Polyols Co., Ltd., Liyang (China) 100
LANXESS (Ningbo) Pigments Co., Ltd., Ningbo City (China) 100
LANXESS Additives Taiwan Ltd., Kaohsiung (Taiwan) 100
LANXESS Advanced Materials (Nantong) Co. Ltd., Nantong (China) 100
LANXESS Chemical (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai (China) 100
LANXESS Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 100
LANXESS India Private Ltd., Thane (India) 100
LANXESS K.K., Tokyo (Japan) 100
LANXESS Korea Limited, Seoul (Republic of Korea) 100
LANXESS Pte. Ltd., Singapore (Singapore) 100
LANXESS Pty Ltd., Granville (Australia) 100
LANXESS Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd., West Gosford (Australia) 100
LANXESS Solutions India Private Ltd., Thane (India) 100
LANXESS Solutions Japan Ltd., Tokyo (Japan) 100
LANXESS Solutions Korea Inc., Seoul (Republic of Korea) 100
LANXESS Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd., Shanghai (China) 100
MC (New Zealand) Technologies Ltd., Auckland (New Zealand) 100
Microbial Control (Australia) Pty. Ltd.,Sydney (Australia)  100
Microbial Control (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hongkong (Hongkong)  100
Microbial Control (India) Private Ltd., Dehli (India)  100
Microbial Control (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Bangkok (Thailand)  100
Microbial Control Japan, Tokio (Japan)  100
Microbial Control Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai (China)  100
Nutrition & Biosciences Korea Ltd., Seoul (Republic of Korea)  100
Nutrition & Biosciences Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore 100
PT Blue Cube Indonesia, Jakarta (Indonesia)  100
Rhein Chemie (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., Qingdao (China) 90
Jointly controlled entities
Rubicon LLC, Salt Lake City (USA)

Associated companies accounted for using the equity method
Envalior GmbH, Cologne


Viance LLC, Wilmington (USA)  49.99

Immaterial non-consolidated subsidiaries

LANXESS Middle East GmbH, Cologne 100
LANXESS Trademark Management GmbH, Leverkusen 100
Neunte LXS GmbH, Cologne 100
EMEA (excluding Germany)
Gulf Stabilizers Industries Sales FZCO, Dubai (UAE) 52
W. Hawley & Son Ltd., Manchester (Great Britain) 100

Comercial Andinas Ltda., Santiago de Chile (Chile) 100
Rhein Chemie Uruguay S.A., Colonia (Uruguay)  100
LANXESS Thai Co., Ltd., Bangkok (Thailand) 100
LANXESS Vietnam Co., Ltd., Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)  100
PCTS Specialty Chemicals Malaysia (M) Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 100