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Financial Strategy

LANXESS ensures the ongoing financial stability and creditworthiness of the Group with a sustainable and conservative financial strategy. In doing so, we rely on an industry-typical equity and debt structure with a long-term, balanced maturity profile for our debt instruments. 

Macroeconomic and company-specific developments are continuously monitored and evaluated so that any capital requirements that may arise can be addressed at an early stage. The focus is on the capital market as a source of financing.

Key elements of our comprehensive risk management system are the minimization of market risks through financial derivatives and the minimization of default risks by selecting reliable, solvent business partners who are established in the market. LANXESS confines itself to a conservative approach and only uses derivatives for transactions with corresponding underlying.

The aim of comprehensive risk management and forward-looking liquidity planning is to secure the financing of LANXESS's operating business and investing activities. LANXESS also has access to a long-term, sustainable syndicated credit facility. This is provided by a syndicate of 12 international banks.