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Gender Equality, Sustainability, Climate Change, Protection of Human and Animals as well as Education - all those topics have one thing in common: They are of high importance for LANXESS. Whether it is an article about diversity at our company or a product that helps to prevent diseases. By adressing these topics in our digital webmagazine Inside LANXESS, our Inside LANXESS editors aim to give an interesting insight into our product portfolio and topics that concern us and our employees.

Our editors

Articles by Kerstin Kerstin Stenger, COM, 2022

Kerstin Stenger

Kerstin is an online editor and is responsible for the digital magazine Inside LANXESS. Her tasks include editorial planning, research, creation and publication of content for Inside LANXESS.
Articles by Kathrin Kathrin Achenbach, 2018, COM

Kathrin Achenbach

Kathrin is responsible for our internal magazine "Xpress". She has her finger on the pulse of our stories and regularly supports Inside LANXESS with new topics.
Articles by Alexander Alexander Böhm, COM, 2019

Alexander Böhm

Alexander is spokesperson for financial and business media at LANXESS. He supports Inside LANXESS in planning, creating and publishing articles for the digital magazine.
Articles by Heike Heike Hamboch, COM, 2021

Heike Hamboch

Heike works for Internal Communications. She is responsible for communications relating to Xact, the corporate safety initiative. She also supports Inside LANXESS with this topic.
Articles by Nathalie Nathalie Hornkohl, 2020, COM

Nathalie Hornkohl

Nathalie works for the External Communications team. She is Digital Marketing Manager for Employer Branding and supports Inside LANXESS in creating diverse articles relating to Employer Branding for the digital magazine.
Articles by Annette Annette Westhoff, COM, 2019

Annette Westhoff

Before Annette set up her own agency, Westhoff Corporate Publishing, she was a member of the Internal Communications team. She will remains LANXESS with her specialist expertise and writes articles for internal communications and Inside LANXESS.

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