Ownership Structure

(as of December 31, 2022)

The LANXESS stockholder structure predominantly consists of institutional investors pursuing a growth or value-oriented investment strategy. As of the end of 2022, the percentage of such investors was unchanged at around 92%. The remaining roughly 8% of LANXESS stocks are held by private investors. 

In 2022, share in LANXESS were again predominantly held by investors from the U.S., Germany and Great Britain. The percentage of U.S. stockholders most recently increased slightly to around 43% (previous year: 39%). 
As of the reporting date, the percentage of LANXESS stocks held in Germany was negligibly more than in the previous year at around 31% (previous year: 29%), while the holdings of institutional investors from Great Britain declined to around 7% (previous year: 13%).

The share of investors from elsewhere in Europe increased slightly year-on-year to around 15% (previous year: 14%). The share of investors from other regions was unchanged at around 4% (previous year: 4%). 

No governmental institution owns more than 5% of the total voting rights.

Mandatory notices

An overview of the institutional investors which have issued mandatory notices reporting ownership of at least 3% of LANXESS's outstanding shares is published on our website. All voting rights announcements can be found here:

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