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Safe and Sustainable Sites

We manufacture sustainable products at competitive and sustainable chemical sites. Continuous process improvements and investments are fundamental to our success. We care about the communities to which our sites belong.

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Our LANXESS water program - how we protect the "blue gold”
Further information Students from Seoul Daelim Elementary School participated in the “LANXESS Climate School” and learned how to practice in daily life to protect environment and climate.

Our social engagement
Our commitment is to make our production safe and sustainable in every respect, thus ensuring our longterm competitiveness. Our Production, Technology, Safety & Environment (PTSE) Group function, the head of which reports directly to the Board of Management member Dr. Hubert Fink, is responsible for this. PTSE develops and maintains company-wide standards that ensure responsible use of chemicals at LANXESS. They define requirements and govern responsibilities for health protection, environmental protection, handling of chemicals, plant safety and safety precautions in the workplace. Continuous training of our employees and regular audit-based reviews of our health, safety and environmental management systems are aimed to ensure that the requirements are incorporated into our processes systematically and sustainably.


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Mesamoll plasticizer from LANXESS now even more sustainable

August 28, 2023
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The Dance of the Molecules

August 22, 2023
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The grapevine moth love trap

August 09, 2023