Students from Seoul Daelim Elementary School participated in the “LANXESS Climate School” and learned how to practice in daily life to protect environment and climate.


A good relationship and dialog with our stakeholders, especially at the locations where we operate, is very important to us. Therefore, achieving positive impacts on our business as well as on society/environment are in focus.

Our four focus topics

Presentation of the four Focus Topics from the Corporate Citizenship Strategy

Our commitment is based on our corporate competencies and objectives and focuses on the fields of education, climate protection, water and culture.

Our goals are identical for all areas:

  • Mobilize resources and people for social engagement,
  • achieve positive impacts on business, the environment and society.

As a company, we want to contribute to improving living conditions, education, training and equal opportunities, as well as health and safety. We also strive to attract talent, engage in a comprehensive dialog with our stakeholders, and have a positive impact on employee motivation.

Our projects

More information Compass needle pointing the word excellence, image suitable for business concept. 3D render illustration.

Excellence lab day for students

On June 15th, 2023 the TH Köln held its Excellence Lab Day on its campus in Leverkusen for eight students from a total of four different schools in Dormagen, Leverkusen and Krefeld. 
More information Corporate Citizenship Project of Thailand in 2022, School Renovation

School renovation project in Thailand

LANXESS Thailand recently volunteered for a renovation project at Wat Hua Na School in Suphanburi, a town close to Bangkok. The 39 students and 9 teachers now enjoy a modernized learning environment.
More information Students in LANXESS Science Class are learning about the principles of osmotic pressure while making a chemical garden.

Our future needs education

Innovation needs scientists, and to become scientists, young people need to develop an interest in science at an early age. LANXESS's education initiative aims to help spark this interest and thus ensure that future innovations shape our world.
More information Chemistry Olympics 2023

55th International Chemistry Olympiad

The 55th International Chemistry Olympiad took place in Zurich on July 2023. In preparation for this, the NRW selection with a total of 20 students took part in a state seminar from 4 to 8 February, which was sponsored by LANXESS.
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"Clean Water for Better Life" competition

LANXESS has been supporting student research projects in the "Clean Water for Better Life" competition since 2015. The Chinese research competition entered its eighth round in 2022.
More information The Heisenbär in LANXESS accessories, that the students have sent to the startosphere among the balloon as an act of gratitude towards LANXESS for financing this project., on his way into the stratosphere.

Heisenbär's Journey towards Outer Space

Who can claim to have launched a balloon into the stratosphere back in physics class? Certainly only a few. However, the students of the Werner Heisenberg Gymnasium were able to experience this for the second time … and that was partially due to the support of LANXESS.

Further projects

Our social commitment over the last five years in figures: