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Cooldown, fun and activity: Stand Up Paddling conquers the summer!

Editor: Kerstin Stenger

The temperatures are rising, the sun is shining from the sky. Is there a better way to cool down than in refreshing water? The sea and lakes become oases of relaxation and fun. And while going to the beach and swimming have been popular summer activities for a long time, there's a trendy sport that's been growing for a few years now: Stand Up Paddling, or SUP for short.

In recent years, SUP has become one of the most popular leisure activities for water sports enthusiasts in Germany . In this sport, you stand on a board, similar to a surfboard, and move around with a paddle. Whether on the sea or on a lake, stand-up paddling allows you to explore the beauty of nature in a whole new way.

Strengthen health, escape stress

In addition to the fun factor, Stand Up Paddling also offers a variety of health benefits. The balance required while standing on the board not only exercises your muscles, but also your body's balance system. The paddling itself is an excellent full body exercise. From your arms to your torso to your legs, SUP is an effective workout for your entire body. At the same time, it is also a very joint-friendly sport, as the water acts as a springy surface.

In addition, Stand Up Paddling offers a welcome break from the hectic pace of everyday life. It allows you to escape from stress. Enjoy the nature! Clear your head! The gentle movements on the water have a calming effect and can help relax your mind and relieve stress.


Buying tips:

If you too are gripped by the fascination of Stand Up Paddling and want to enjoy this sport, choosing the right equipment is of course your first priority. When buying a SUP board, there are some important things to consider. 


For more information and tips on buying a SUP, check out this Youtube video.

LANXESS in SUP boards

The outer shell of inflatable paddle boards is often made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is a hard and brittle base material. To make the boards inflatable, plasticizers are added to the PVC. LANXESS Mesamoll® is such a plasticizer. They ensure the solid PVC becomes soft and flexible. Simple boards are surrounded by one PVC layer (single layer). The more robust boards consist of two PVC layers (double layer). Plasticizers also ensure that you can enjoy your board for a long time. Because thanks to the special plasticizers, the PVC does not become brittle so quickly despite water, sun and heat. 

Thomas Facklam, PLA, 2021
Dr. Thomas Georg Facklam, Head of Global Application Technology, LANXESS
"Plasticizers are important additives in the production of a stand up paddle board. They make the PVC flexible for further use. Without plasticizers, there would be no inflatable boards, because the base material is as hard as a plastic window frame. All board owners would have to drive to the lake or the sea with a roof rack and bulky boards on the car. Thanks to plasticizers like phthalate-free Mesamoll®, these boards can be inflated in the first place and then folded back up."
Whether for athletic activity or relaxing recreational fun, Stand Up Paddling offers the perfect combination of physical activity and relaxing time on the water. So what's there to wait for? Pack your board, grab your paddle and jump into the SUP adventure!

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Dr. Thomas Georg Facklam

Head of Global Application Technology

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