Professional photography is an incredibly important part of marketing your home listing.

During online home searches, people are obviously drawn to the listings with the best pictures.

Pictures that were taken on a cell phone, in bad lighting, or where the photographer is visible in some reflective surface can all make an online listing look less appealing.

So, when you list your home, it is critical that you show it off in its best light using professional real estate photography. The cost of professional photography is something we cover for everyone who lists with us.

We believe that without a great product, you can’t have a great sale. Professional photography not only makes your home look great, it also helps your home sell more quickly.

“Without a great product, you can’t have a great sale.”

Years ago, I conducted a market analysis of recent sales in our local market. The results of this analysis showed me an interesting correlation between the number of photos a listing had and the number of days it spent on the market. Homes with the more pictures had fewer days on market.

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