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Adiprene® Urethane Prepolymers

The Adiprene® brand is known industry-wide for its high quality and performance on the job. Adiprene® offers a variety of conventional, low free and blocked technologies.

Adiprene® and Vibrathane® urethane prepolymers are known industry-wide for their high quality and performance on the job, delivering outstanding abrasion resistance, toughness, and load-bearing capability.

We offer a wide range of conventional, Low Free (LF) isocyanate, and blocked technologies that enable high performance and processing ease, which makes Adiprene® and Vibrathane® urethane systems an excellent choice to replace steel, plastics, rubber, and other elastomers in high performance applications.

Discover our Adiprene® portfolio

Discover Adiprene® TDI and LF TDI Red cart wheels

Adiprene® TDI and LF TDI

Adiprene® TDI and LF TDI systems for easy processing and excellent dynamics offer strong performance and easy processing for a wide range of applications.
Discover Adiprene® LF MDI Rolling wheels of cable road mechanism with steel cable.

Adiprene® LF MDI

Adiprene® LF MDI systems for excellent performance and easy processing. To pour parts with outstanding dynamic performance, excellent retention of properties, and high load-bearing capabilities.
Discover Adiprene® Green Adiprene green

Adiprene® Green

LANXESS has developed a new range of MDI polyether prepolymers containing renewable, bio-based raw materials. Adiprene® Green products are suitable as replacement for existing fossil based polyether prepolymers to manufacture highly durable polyurethane (PU) elastomers.
Discover Adiprene® pPDI and LF pPDI Large North Sea oil rig

Adiprene® pPDI and LF pPDI

Adiprene® pPDI and LF pPDI urethane prepolymersoffer elastomers designed to withstand extreme conditions, where excellent resistance to high and low temperature, water, and chemicals is critical to performance and long part life.
Discover Adiprene® Aliphatic Prepolymers Beautiful sunset wind turbines in sea

Adiprene® Aliphatic Prepolymers

Our aliphatic Adiprene® LF HDI and LF IPDI prepolymers have less than 0.1% free monomer and offer excellent physical properties for applications requiring UV stability and weatherability.
Discover Adiprene® Ribbon Flow® In the urethane technical center at LANXESS’s Latina site, the moulding process is tested using rotational casting, among other procedures. The process called

Adiprene® Ribbon Flow®

Adiprene® Ribbon Flow® systems are highly reactive and designed for use with a meter mix machine and a roll rotating mechanism to apply the urethane coating directly to the roll core (or other cylindrical object) without the need for a mold.

Portfolio Adiprene® Blocked 

Discover Adiprene® BL Emery paper - sandpaper

Adiprene® BL

Adiprene® blocked urethanes are based on a technology to control the cure of urethane elastomers. This technology effectively blocks the curing reaction until it is heat activated at the optimum time in the process. Adiprene® BL are used for Elastic, high performance binders for abrasive particles, mineral fillers, or for impregnating fabrics.
Discover Adiprene® K Conveyor Belt Loading Ramp in Sorting Warehouse

Adiprene® K

Adiprene® K urethane elastomer systems are fully formulated, 1K systems that include the prepolymer, a blocking agent and a curative. Adiprene® K elastomer systems are not limited to LF MDI prepolymers and can be designed with other prepolymer types to tailor the system to your needs.


Discover Elastomer Solutions Close-up of the rollers of inline skates

Elastomer Solutions

LANXESS cast urethane systems, which include prepolymers, curatives and catalysts, provide excellent choices to replace steel, plastics, rubber, and other elastomers in high performance and demanding applications. Discover our wide range of conventional, Low Free (LF) isocyanate, and blocked technologies that enable high performance and processing ease.
Discover Coating Solutions Water drops on waterproof black fabric

Coating Solutions

LANXESS provides innovative polyurethane technology as key component for a range of coating systems, leveraging our expertise in urethanes to meet industry demand for sustainable solutions. Our focus is on three areas: water-based technology, low free technology and blocking technology. Providing solutions for a wide range of applications.
Discover Adhesives and Sealants Solutions Automobile manufacturing, automotive glass coating technology

Adhesives and Sealants Solutions

LANXESS Urethane Systems drives development of powerful low monomer prepolymers used as flexible formulation platform for adhesives and sealants and one component foams. Our focus is on the areas Low Free monomer technology and High NCO and higher functionality. Flexible formulation platforms which can be used in a diverse range of applications.

LANXESS Urethane Solutions

With decades of urethane chemistry and formulation expertise, LANXESS understands the synergy between part design and the physical properties of urethane needed to achieve optimal performance. Urethane Systems has extensive technical and analytical knowledge, as well as special testing and modeling capabilities. With expertise in design and processing, experienced technical teams are able to create valuable new technologies for the most complex challenges. Discover our Urethane Solutions.

Elastomer Solutions

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Adhesive and Sealant Solutions

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