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LANXESS Scopeblue

Our sustainable product range 


✓  More sustainable alternatives to proven LANXESS products


✓  Sustainable raw materials and/or lower carbon footprint


✓  Accustomed premium product quality

The"Scopeblue" label of LANXESS identifies products with circular - recycled or biobased - raw materials or a particularly low carbon footprint compared to conventional products.

The Scopeblue brand thus identifies products that enable climate-friendly solutions and contribute to a circular economy. They offer a concrete sustainability benefit for our customers. Only products that meet at least one of the following two criteria can receive the Scopeblue label:

  1. The products contain at least 50% sustainable raw materials
  2. The carbon footprint of the products is at least 50% lower than that of conventional products

The Scopeblue product family is constantly growing - you can find some examples below.

The Scopeblue product overview

More: Lewatit® Scopeblue Lewatit Ion exchange resins

Lewatit® Scopeblue 

The first sustainable produced ion exchange resins. In addition to its conventional ion exchange resin portfolio made from fossil-based raw materials, LANXESS is now offering products based on sustainable raw materials following the mass balance approach.
More: Trimethylolpropane Scopeblue Petri dish with white material of trimethylolpropane Scopeblue

Trimethylolpropane Scopeblue

For the production of our TMP Scopeblue, we  use 100% bio-circular based n-Butyraldehyde. This means that the product consists of 54 % sustainable raw materials. TMP Scopeblue and the entire value chain are ISCC Plus certified. TMP is used, for example, for coatings, foams, adhesives or lubricants in the transport, construction or consumer goods industries.
More: Additin Scopeblue Oil runs over gears

Additin Scopeblue

The sustainably produced light-color sulfur carriers for metalworking lubricants reduce wear and prevent cold welding. The light sulfur-carriers,  produced at the Mannheim, are based on locally sourced renewable raw materials. They also meet the requirements of the “Lubricant Substance Classification”-list (LuSC).


Development & expansion of our product portfolio with a focus on sustainability

In line with societal trends and needs, we aim to constantly improve the sustainability performance of our product portfolio, to identify critical substances in products and to substitute them or develop safe alternatives.

For the management and long-term development of our product portfolio, we follow an approach with three perspectives. This is based on the LANXESS Product Sustainability Monitor. Using this analytical tool, we identify products that are produced in a particularly sustainable manner as well as products where we see potential for improvement, and have been increasing the sustainability performance of our portfolio for years.

The second significant perspective is the product carbon footprint (PCF) and the circular potential of our products. Here, it is important to understand and account for the upstream value chain as well as our own production. The aim is to continuously reduce our products’ influence on the climate, to use sustainable raw materials and to ensure that our products can be recycled.

As a third perspective, we look at the benefit of our products in their application. A sustainable world needs not only sustainably manufactured products but also solutions for new concepts such as in the areas of climate protection or circular economy. For example, additives make a significant contribution to extending the useful life of products or enabling materials to be recycled.

In the future, the EU taxonomy will be an additional, independent perspective.

Anno Borkowsky

“We have fully embarked on this journey towards sustainability. We are researching and piloting options for climate neutral and circular products together with customers and partners – and some of these products are already on the market.

Dr. Anno Borkowsky, Member of the Board of Management LANXESS AG

Sustainable products are the future

In 2022, we already generated 79% of our total sales with products that fulfill our sustainability requirements. Only 21% of our sales were attributable to products that did not (yet) completely fulfill our sustainability requirements.

We want to contribute to a transformation of the entire value creation system towards a resource-efficient and climate-neutral society. 

It is important to note that a complete picture of our product portfolio only emerges when we consider the benefits and positive environmental impacts that our products have when they are used. Here, we place an emphasis on solutions that contribute to climate protection or enable a circular economy.

Detailed explanations of our strategy around sustainable products, our sustainability requirements and the current status of our development in this area can be found here:

Scopeblue: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about Scopeblue and its possibilities of use.

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