Preventol® - our main brand for biocides

Active ingredients and biocidal formulations for in-can preservation, dry-film protection, disinfection, wood protection and many other applications.

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The LANXESS Business Unit Material Protection Products has been active in the market since 1907. Our first brand - Preventol® - was introduced in 1932. As a result of several acquisitions over the years, additional brands, active ingredients and products made us what we are today - one of the leading suppliers of Microbial Control products worldwide.

Microbial Control describes what we made from Preventol®. Today, we offer a large portfolio of active ingredients, preservatives and disinfectants. They protect materials and substances against spoilage by microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts, moulds and algae.

Our products are used in many industries and applications.

To learn more about our Microbial Control portfolio, discover the complete product range here.

Household & Commercial Cleaning
Root Resistance
Pulp & Paper
Metal Working Fluids

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