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Hatcol® Synthetic Esters

Hatcol® esters improve the performance of lubricants, whether used as the primary base stock or as a property- enhancing additive with other base stocks, to provide formulated  lubricants with an optimum balance of performance and cost.
Hatcol® synthetic ester base stocks are used extensively in synthetic lubricant formulations to enhance high and low temperature performance, improve additive solubility and increase lubricity. They can be used alone for maximum high temperature performance or in combination with PAO and Group III oils to improve additive solubility, stability, elastomer compatibility and cleanliness. The chemical structure of esters provides an excellent combination of thermal stability and inherent polarity, resulting in cleaner surfaces, long life, biodegradability, fire resistance and excellent lubrication properties. Our broad synthetic ester line and expert technical support can fulfill virtually any need in lubrication.
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Esters for automotive lubricants

Entering a new era of e-mobility, ester base oils are a good choice for e-mobility lubricants.  Esters are commonly used in conventional automotive lubricants where they are useful components to improve lubricity, seal compatibility, cleaninliness and additive solubility. 
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Esters for industrial lubricants

Discover our wide range of Hatcol® ester base stocks (diesters, aromatics and polyol esters) suitable for lubricants in industrial applications such as hydraulics, compressors, gears and bearings, chains, greases, metal working fluids and biodegradable oils. 
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Eco-grade and NSF-listed esters

The Hatcol® portfolio includes a range of Eco-Grade (LuSC EcoLabel) and NSF-listed fluids that may be used for the formulation of food grade lubricants.

Selecting the right base stock

Diesters may be used as plasticizers but are also very useful as lubricants and additives. They are often added to PAO and MO formulations to counteract seal shrinkage and increase additive solubility.

Phthalates and trimellitates are good, general purpose industrial lubricants. Trimellitates offer higher viscosity and tend to form graphitic deposits at high temperatures which may be beneficial in some applications.

For higher thermal stability and lower evaporation loss POEs are a good option. Complex POEs offer high viscosity while maintaining excellent VI.

LANXESS offers many esters and we will work with you to select the right one.

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Quality Assurance

We have an ongoing commitment to providing high quality products. Our quality systems and processes include:

  • Rigorous test and acceptance protocols for incoming raw materials
  • Proprietary high temperature reactors and distillation equipment
  • Ultra-filtration of products to eliminate particulates
  • Extensive nitrogen inerting to control moisture at all stages of production
  • Automated drumming facility to control moisture in the final package
  • State of the art quality control instrumentation and protocols

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