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Lobase® Detergents 

The Lobase® range offers general purpose TBN neutral calcium sulfonate detergents. These are typically used as a detergent and rust inhibitor in crankcase lubricants. 

Overbased detergents are additives designed to clean the metal surfaces within a fired engine and prevent the build-up of deposits. The insoluble by-products of the combustion process are removed by the detergents in the lubricants. Detergents find extensive use in marine, passenger car motor oil and heavy duty diesel applications. In addition to cleaning the metal surfaces within a fired engine, overbased detergents also help neutralize acidic combustion by-products to prevent corrosion within the engine. 

 Lobase® calcium sulfonate detergents

Lobase®   Calcium, wt% Calcium Sulfonate, wt% TBN, mg KOH/g Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt
C-4502 2.35 42.0 20 45
C-4503 2.79 44.5 30 55
C-4506 2.00 44.0 8 70
C-4509 2.95 45.0 31 60


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