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Focusing on health

As the world’s population steadily increases and the global standard of living rises, the demand for food production is rapidly increasing too.  
These dynamics are having a direct effect on agriculture, and especially meat production such as, livestock and poultry farming.

Whilst modern livestock and poultry farming techniques are practiced by many worldwide, developing countries, and those with rapidly expanding populations, need to rely on more traditional methods, in order to meet demand.

This often means the need for more space to farm and closer interactions between humans, livestock and birds. This closer interaction can pose a real risk to human health, especially when some disease-causing organisms have the ability to transfer from animal/bird to human, such as Influenza viruses. These type of pathogens are referred to as Zoonotic. 

Whilst interaction between humans, livestock and birds cannot be avoided in farming, there are various hygiene procedures that can be put into place, utilizing modern formulated disinfectant solutions, that can help prevent the introduction and spread of disease-causing organisms.

These hygiene procedures are referred to as Biosecurity. 



Biosecurity is the term used to describe various procedures, that when implemented, can help prevent the introduction and/or spread of disease-causing pathogens in a given environment.  It is an effective form of protection against viruses, bacteria or fungi, and can help minimize transfer of infection to humans from animals, birds and plants, surfaces, equipment, and even the air itself. 

COVID-19 is an example of how a zoonotic disease has transferred from animal to human, rapidly spread, and turned into a global pandemic. This pandemic has demonstrated the requirement and implementation of biosecurity best practice utilizing independently proven effective broad spectrum biocides.

One Health


The One Health Initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) aims at highlighting the interdependency of the Health of Humans, Animals and the Environment, and fosters trans-disciplinary collaboration. 

LANXESS supports the One Health initiative through the provision of a broad portfolio of biocidal actives and formulated, ready-to-use disinfectant concentrates for use in the human and animal health market segments under the following brands:

  • Rely+On™, 
  • Oxone™, 
  • Virkon™ and 
  • Preventol®

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Human Health


Biosecurity cleaning and disinfection best practice is essential to help prevent and control the spread of disease-causing pathogens from animal to human, and human to human.

Surfaces are often contaminated with bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and are a risk of transmission. It is therefore important to use an effective disinfectant at critical points. Rely+On™ Virkon™ has proven itself as a reliable disinfectant and convinces with its efficiency. Our disinfectants have an extremely strong formulation and a broad range of performance and safety features. It combines application flexibility with broad spectrum efficacy, on hard surfaces, non-medical equipment, and in the face of organic challenge.

These qualities make Rely+On™ Virkon™ the disinfectant of choice for use in medical facilities, pathology and biosafety containment laboratories, treatment salons, residential homes, public spaces and transport terminals, for routine day-to-day disinfection applications, and emergency disease outbreak situations.

Rely+On™ Virkon™ is proven effective against:

  • SARS-CoV-2
  • Influenza A virus
  • Hepatitis A, B and C
  • HIV
  • MRSA
  • E-coli (ESBL)
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • and many other viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
Video Application of the disinfectant Rely+On Virkon

Rely+On™ Virkon™


Rely+On™ Virkon™ demonstrates extremely rapid and complete inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus at a dilution ratio of 1:100 in just 60 seconds. This is the finding of a recent study LANXESS commissioned through independent analysis laboratory Microbac Laboratories, Inc. in accordance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant test methods, for products intended for virucidal hard surface disinfection.


Oxone™ monopersulfate compound is a powerful and fast reacting oxidizing agent which is used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications such as health care, pulp & paper and electronics.

Examples include disinfectant formulations for farms and hospitals, for surface disinfection of disease-causing microorganisms.

Disinfection is a classic example of application: The active ingredient Oxone™ is used as a formulation for disinfectants, among other things for agricultural enterprises, but also for hospitals for surface disinfection of disease-causing microorganisms.

Also denture cleansing tablets, for effective stain removal and reduction of odour-causing. 


Under the Preventol® brand name, we sell active ingredients and finished formulations for disinfection purposes. An essential use is in the professional disinfection of hospitals, doctors' offices, retirement homes, public institutions, industrial surfaces and farms. Our products are the basis for broad spectrum disinfectants.

Synthetic phenolic compounds of the Preventol® brand are the basis for disinfectants. They have a very strong and broad spectrum of action against bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses. They are characterized by a reliable effect even under high dirt load. 



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Disinfection with Preventol

Preventol® actives are effective against coronaviruses.
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Animal Health

Animal health is the basis for efficient agriculture and the production of safe food. Good husbandry conditions are a prerequisite for maintaining animal health. Only through this animal diseases can be fought and prevented.

Animal diseases can be transmitted in many ways. The greatest threat to the well-being of any creature comes from other creatures of the same species. The closer they crowd together, the greater the risk of disease. From viruses, bacteria or fungi, disease may spread via recognized vectors of infection, e.g. from the animals themselves, the people who handle them, contaminated food and water, housing and equipment, even the air itself. 

LANXESS offers various products for the prevention and control of diseases for animal husbandry under the following brands:

  • Virkon™
  • Biosolve™
  • Hyperox™
  • Preventol®


For over 30 years, Virkon™ disinfectant solutions have been continuously setting benchmarks in many important aspects of biosecurity. The biggest advantage is a broad, cost-efficient and rapid effectiveness of the products, which have been tested and confirmed in efficacy studies under real operating conditions. 


Virkon™ S for instance prevents over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi from spreading, such as:


  • Foot and Mouth Disease virus 
  • Avian Influenza
  • African Swine Fever
  • E. Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Parvovirus 
  • Campylobacter and many more.


The disinfectant promises a simple and safe handling for the farmer as well as application flexibility in the disinfection of surfaces, equipment, vehicles, water and air. In addition, the product is characterized by the excellent stability and long shelf life of the powder-based formulation.

With a significant number of efficacy studies using the approved labelling claims of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Diseases, the broad efficacy of Virkon™ has been confirmed in independent tests against an extensive portfolio of organisms.

 Virkon™ S is used by governments around the world for emergency disease control, most recently in the case of African Swine Fever, which has been ravaging Asia and Eastern Europe since 2018.




Our synthetic phenolic active ingredients, sold under the brand name Preventol®, are the basis for broad spectrum disinfectants with an effective activity against bacteria (including mycobacteria), fungi and viruses.
A good and reliable effect can be achieved even under high dirt loads. Many disinfectant manufacturers rely on our active ingredients for products against permanent parasitic forms, such as coccidial oocysts.


Water into which a drop falls.

Impact on the environment


A negative state of the environment can have serious consequences for human and animal health. It is therefore important that our products do not cause any harm to the environment when being applied.

Virkon™ and Rely+On™ Virkon™

The oxygen-based chemistry of both Virkon™ S and Rely+On™ Virkon™ contain simple inorganic salts and organic acids. The active ingredient decomposes by a variety of routes within the environment, in soil and in water, breaking down to form the naturally occurring substances potassium salts and oxygen. The major organic components are classified as readily biodegradable, according to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and EU test methods.
Neither are considered persistent in the environment, according to the standard European process for the classification and labelling of chemical preparations. Independent studies have shown that, when diluted and used as directed, the disinfectant solutions do not pose any threat to sewage treatment facilities.



Also, Oxone™ chemistry fully degrades rapidly in the environment into naturally occurring products.

Furthermore, it can have a positive impact on the environment, via applications designed to remove a variety of organic and inorganic pollutants from wastewater, as well as treatment and prevention of odour-causing compounds.

Oxone™ monopersulfate compound is of low acute toxicity. The irritation and corrosivity hazards associated with Oxone™ powder can be readily mitigated by appropriate use of PPE (e.g. goggles, gloves, coveralls). 






Preventol® CMK and Preventol® O extra are readily biodegradable products that are toxicologically safe when used as per the manufacturer’s recommended instructions. Both active substances are of low acute toxicity. When handling higher concentrations, standard PPE for the handling of chemicals should be observed, e.g. goggles, gloves and coveralls.

One Health Products

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