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LANXESS e-mobility

LANXESS offers a broad product portfolio for electromobility. From raw materials and specialty chemicals for battery materials to dyes for high-voltage applications, flame retardants for high-performance plastics and cooling fluids for battery systems as well as components of the electric powertrain components comprehensive innovations from a single source.

e-mobility  - our way into a sustainable future

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges the world is facing today. LANXESS takes its responsibility and is committed to become climate neutral by 2040.

A transition towards sustainable and smart mobility offers many opportunities for CO2-savings. Lithium-ion batteries as the heart of electric cars are the key technology towards zero emission vehicles. The demand for batteries is growing rapidly, providing vast opportunities for the chemical industry to develop innovative materials.

LANXESS offers material solutions for lithium-ion batteries and e-mobility applications - to contribute to future mobility needs.


Advanced lithium-ion battery technology is strongly material driven and major improvements account to innovative materials and processes developed by the chemical industry. LANXESS offers a broad range of advanced materials and technologies for lithium-ion batteries.

Our product portfolio for battery materials comprises raw materials and precursors for cathode materials and electrolyte components as well as refining technologies for lithium, cobalt and nickel.

LANXESS is energizing chemistry

LANXESS has a strong platform for battery materials. Our upstream integration into key raw materials and existing asset footprint in Europe have the potential to strongly contribute in creating a local battery material value chain to enable a sustainable cell production in Europe.


More information: Synthetic iron oxides Bayferrox iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments

Syntheticiron oxides for lithium iron phosphate (LFP)

Synthetic iron oxides are used - along with phosphorus chemicals - as precursors of LFP.  In Germany, LANXESS operates one of the world’s largest production plants for this chemistry and is among the world’s leading manufacturers. As a raw material supplier, LANXESS can serve the growing LFP demand in Europe with its technical iron oxides marketed under the Bayoxide® brand.
More information: Lithium extraction Salinas Grandes on Argentina Andes is a salt desert in the Jujuy Province. More significantly, Bolivas Salar de Uyuni is also located in the same region.

Lithium extraction and production of battery grade lithium carbonate 

LANXESS has access to one of the largest underground brine deposits in North America containing significant concentrations of lithium. For the lithium recovery, a direct lithium-extraction (DLE) process with low environmental footprint is getting implemented.
More information: Ion exchange resins Ion exchange resins for industrial water treatment from the Lewatit range play a key role in the treatment of drinking water, the production of ultra-pure water and in applications in the power plant sector, for example.

Ion exchange resins for sustainable extraction and refining

Ion exchange resins of the Lewatit® brand have been long proven of being a sustainable extraction technology in the refining and production of battery-grade nickel, cobalt and lithium. These metals represent key components for cathode materials used in batteries for electric vehicles. 


More information: Raw materials Production building, factory in Chempark Leverkusen, S-block

Raw materials for electrolyte salts 

LANXESS is a leading producer of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, phosphorus chemicals and thionyl chloride. These are key raw materials for lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) and lithium bis (fluorosulfonyl)imide (LiFSI), which are being used as main conductive salts in electrolytes for lithium-ion battery cells. 
More information: Electrolyte formulation Analysis of a liquid in a laboratory

Electrolyte formulation

In cooperation with Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co., a globally leading manufacturer of electrolytes, LANXESS establishes electrolyte production at the Chempark in Leverkusen for supply of cell manufacturers in Europe. 
More information: Flame retardants Firefighters in action

Flame retardant electrolytes 

Flame retardants used as additives for nonflammable electrolytes provide additional safety within battery cells while maintaining battery system performance.Read more: Flame retardant protected electrolytes.


Our business units are working intensively to offer solutions for the mobility of the future. As a result, LANXESS can offer a broad product portfolio for e-mobility applications: from dyes for high-voltage applications and flame retardants for high-performance plastics to cooling fluids for battery systems and e-powertrains - innovation from a single source.
More information: Flame Retardants Abstract red smoke on black  background.

Flame retardants for high-performance plastics

LANXESS offers numerous phosphorus- and bromine-based flame retardants for various polymers. Flame-retardant high-performance plastics are used in particular in e-mobility, such as in battery modules and battery housings, high-voltage connectors but also in the field of charging infrastructure.
More information: Dyes for high-voltage applications LXS Makrolex Orange HT

Dyes for high-voltage applications 

The orange signal color of high-voltage components in electric vehicles serves to ensure the safety and protection of mechanics and rescue workers during maintenance work or in the event of an accident. High-voltage components colored with the halogen-free dye Macrolex Orange HT are characterized by high color and temperature stability.
More information: Cooling fluids E-mobility battery cooling

Battery immersion coolants and E-Driveline

Immersion cooling fluids enable fast-charging of electric vehicle batteries by effectively removing excess heat from battery cells during the charging process. LANXESS offers a range of cooling fluids, including phosphate esters, that are non-hazardous, non-conductive and highly flame resistant, thus ensuring battery safety during fast charging.
“The upswing in e-mobility is accelerating. Numerous new plants for battery cell production are currently being built in Europe. This fast-growing market also offers great opportunities for LANXESS, especially in the field of battery chemistry.We are already producing many of the necessary raw materials for advanced battery technology. The cooperation with Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co. marks a first major step for LANXESS to contribute to a local battery materials supply chain in EU.”

Anno Borkowsky, Member of the Board of Management of LANXESS 

Sustainability in the chemicals industry means taking responsibility


Taking responsibility means knowing one's products CO2 footprint and identifying levers how to optimise it. This ranges from sourcing sustainable raw materials to reducing energy consumption in the manufacturing process and identifying value streams that will lead to sustainable recycling routes. 


“The chemical industry plays the role of an enabler in sustainable business models. Over decades, we have pioneered efficient internal Verbund structures in the production of materials and additives. In addition, LANXESS is actively extending its circular economy activities outside traditional value-chain boundaries. The rapidly developing circular ecosystem requires all participants to engage in cross-industry dialogue. LANXESS takes this responsibility seriously and is active in various cross-industry forums such as the BDI Circular Economy Initiative.”

Martin Säwe, Head of E-Mobility & Circular Economy



LANXESS subsidiary Saltigo produces among others active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and agro industry.

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March 16, 2023
LANXESS is a leading supplier of high quality ingredients to make cosmetics and personal care products safer, more sustainable and better performing. The preservatives, fragrances and multifunctional and active ingredients are available under the established brands Purox, Kalama, Purolan, Solbrol and Saltidin.

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For us quality is the individually perceptible sum of premium character, workmanship, service and emotional desire. 

We are a resilient global supplier that provides our customers with value-added components, solutions and raw materials. We enable you to optimize the attributes that translate directly to value for your applications and businesses. Quality is also infused into every part of our operations: expertise, friendliness, reliability, corporate citizenship, and a strong focus on solutions. As a responsible supplier, we are focused on staying ahead of regulations, ensuring our suppliers to meet our sustainability standards, supporting our communities, and driving leadership in sustainability - being climate neutral by 2040. 

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