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Reolube® Phosphate Esters

Reolube® phosphate ester-based lubricants offer the best possible resistance to ignition and combustion. They have high ignition temperatures, resist reaction with oxygen and have very low vapour pressures.

High-Performance Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

Phosphate esters are recognized by ISO Specification 12922 as superior fire resistant fluids and surpass the FM Global standard. As truly fire-resistant lubricants they can increase work place safety and significantly reduce damage, unscheduled downtime and unexpected costs associated with fire.

Discover our Reolube® Turbofluids, Reolube® HYD and Reolube® base stock lines. 


Read more about Reolube® Turbofluids Internal rotor of a steam Turbine at workshop

Reolube® Turbofluids

Reolube® Turbofluids are designed for use in electrohydraulic control (EHC) systems of steam turbines, but also have application in gas turbines, turbo-compressors, reactor coolant pumps and generators as well as conventional applications.
Read more about Reolube® HYD Hot steel on conveyor in steel plan

Reolube® HYD

Reolube® HYD series are colorless, odorless fire- resistant hydraulic fluids suitable for use in hydraulic equipment exposed to high temperature and high fire hazard environments such as those found in primary metals processing or mining operations.


The video shows the technical advantages of Reolube®, as wel as the performance in the hot manifold ignition test. 

The hot manifold ignition test checks for ignition (or not) of dripping liquid onto a heated pipe manifold. It also checks for continued burning of the liquid after ignition, both for “flaming drips” from the manifold and for continued burning in a catch pan tray.

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