LANXESS at a glance

About Us

We are a leading specialty chemicals company based in Cologne. With around 13,100 employees in 32 countries, we are an established company on the global market. The core business is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives and consumer protection products with annual sales of EUR 8.1 billion (2022). 

We manage our operating business through three segments: Advanced Industrial Intermediates, Specialty Additives and Consumer Protection. These include 10 Business Units, through which we work with a broad range of applications and markets. As a specialist and efficient partner, we offer solutions to the challenges faced by our customers.

We focus on our customers’ requirements in order to drive progress and reliably provide innovative product, material and service solutions. When developing new materials, we also work with artificial intelligence to reduce development times for our customers. Our manufacturing, administration and logistics processes are designed efficiently and with a focus on performance.

Sustainability and responsibility are key factors behind our successful business operations. They help us become an even more efficient and competitive company while also supporting social goals such as protecting the environment. Our products also play a role in this, providing sustainable solutions in key areas such as electric mobility.


8,1 €

Quality is our greatest asset

We give highest priority to quality. We demand it of ourselves, but also of our suppliers and service providers. LANXESS’s commitment to quality in terms of our development and production thus also extends to all associated processes and procedures. This makes us a reliable partner in our customers’ value chains. Thanks to our global network, we can always offer local service and optimal procurement security. Our process management is certified under international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. 

Our values

As a company, we are responsible for ensuring strict observance of safety, environmental and social standards at LANXESS locations around the world. We endeavor to make sustainability a focus for all employees and to establish sustainable solutions in all key areas. We also demonstrate this by supporting initiatives such as Responsible Care® and the Carbon Disclosure Project and being listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World & Europe and FTSE4Good. 

We protect the environment

Our aim is for the company to be carbon neutral by 2040. Setting this ambitious target builds on our previous, successful commitment to environmental protection. The Paris climate change agreement intends to limit average global warming to below 2°C in order to reduce the negative impact on people and the environment. The sooner we do something, the more scope for action we have. That is why we are committed to this environmental target and take our responsibility very seriously. Since LANXESS was established in 2004, we have already cut our emissions in half, falling from the equivalent of 6.5 million tons of CO2 to 3.2 million tons. We are now taking the next step towards being even more sustainable.


We make children happy, keep your feet dry in the rainy season, protect you against insects, ensure your car doesn´t burst in flames and much more. Dive into the LANXESS world and get an impression of our variety of products.

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We ensure that manufacturers achieve bright colors without endangering children’s health by using the organic colorant Macrolex®. 
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Vulkanox® and Vulkazon®

The anti-degradants Vulkanox® and Vulkazon® prevent rubber boots from becoming porous or cracked. So your feet remain dry even years of use.
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Disflamoll® and Levagard®

LANXESS ensures vehicles don’t burst into flames. Flame retardants such as Disflamoll® and Levagard® help to prevent fire from spreading in the car’s interior.
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The active ingredient Saltidin - also known as Icaridin and Picaridin - reliably protects against annoying nuisances such as mosquitoes, ticks and other insects.