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Virkon® S

Kills pathogens in seconds*

The powerful capabilities of peroxygen-based chemistry provide a broad spectrum of efficacy with specific focus against viral disease-causing organisms. Use Virkon® S for your biosecurity program and improve animal health on your farm!

Virkon® S – farm biosecurity products

  • Powerful broad-spectrum virucidal disinfectant effective from 15 to 60 seconds*
  • Remains highly effective in cold temperatures and in the presence of organic challenge
  • Independently proven against over 100 strains of viruses, 400 strains of bacteria and 60 strains of fungi and yeasts

*Proven efficacy against Newcastle Disease in 15 seconds, Avian Inlfuenza H7N9 in 15 seconds, African Swine Fever in 15 seconds, Foot and Mouth Disease in 30 seconds

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Your benefits when using Virkon® S

Recognized by governments worldwide Various flags

Broad-spectrum efficacy Hand holds agger plate with bacterial cultures

Excellent operator profile Freight forwarding manager,worker, at container terminal

Supporting the reduction of antibiotic use The broad-spectrum disinfectants Virkon S and Virkon LSP are among the leading products in the field of biosecurity. They kill the swine fever virus, for example, extremely quickly.

Industry-leading chemistry recognized by governments worldwide

Virkon® S is the choice of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and govern-ments worldwide to secure biosecurity and strengthen emergency disease control (EDC) contin-gency planning. The Australian and New Zealand governments’ AUSVETPLAN is probably the be-stregarded EDC reference source. Virkon® S continues to be the only branded disinfectant referred to in the 2008 AUSVETPLAN, stating that “Virkon® S is a modern disinfectant with outstanding virucidal properties.”

Excellent operator profile

  • No need for rotation
  • Superior operator safety
  • Effective low-temperature performance
  • Easy to transport and use
  • Environmental profile
  • Aerial misting in the presence of animals

Supporting the reduction of antibiotic use

Governments worldwide are seeking reductions in the use of livestock antibiotics to limit the development of antibiotic resistance, which can pass to the human population. Targeted legislation to reduce the use of prophylactic antibiotics in the food chain is now becoming a reality. So it’s critical that producers take steps to improve their biosecurity measures. With proven efficacy in a wide range of real-world biosecurity challenges against both viruses and bacteria, Virkon® S has proven key to combating the effects of viruses and bacteria in livestock production. As a disinfectant of choice for governments worldwide, Virkon® S leads the way forward in biosecurity bestpractice programmes.


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