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Trixene® Prepolymers and Crosslinkers

The Trixene® brand offers Low Free prepolymers, blocked aromatic prepolymers, blocked cross linkers and Aqua blocked crosslinkers for use in protective coatings and waterproofing formulations.

With a full portfolio of conventional and low free (LF) isocyanate prepolymers and components, Trixene®  products enable formulators to design and manufacture high performance protective coatings, liquid waterproofing membranes and service a wide range of application fields, including repair and remediation, extending the lifetime of the protected materials.


  • Aerospace and wind blade coatings
  • Marine coatings
  • Roofing and balconies
  • Bridge decking and waterproofing
  • Flooring and sealing solutions
  • Textile and Fabric waterproofing

Discover our Trixene® portfolio

Discover Trixene® Prepolymers Empty office with railings

Trixene® Prepolymers

With a full portfolio of conventional and low free (LF) isocyanate prepolymers and components, Trixene® products enable you to design and manufacture waterproofing and protective coatings for a wide range of applications.
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Trixene® Blocked Isocyanates

Trixene® blocked crosslinkers enable formation of highly flexible coatings with superior durability, impact resistance, weather resistance, adhesion on a variety of substrates and and easy processing.

Discover Trixene® Aqua Blocked Isocyanates Water drops on the fabric. Rain Water droplets on blue fiber waterproof fabric. Water drops pattern over a waterproof cloth. Blue background. Dark blue rainproof tent sheet with morning rain drops.

Trixene® Aqua Blocked Isocyanates

Trixene® Aqua grades offer a wide pH latitude including anionic and nonionic types with good formulation compatibility. Used in coatings and as adhesion promoters for textile finishing.

More about the Technology 

Discover Blocked Technology Rear light of a red painted car

Blocked Technology

LANXESS manufactures and supplies an extensive portfolio of Adiprene® blocked prepolymers and Trixene® blocked isocyanate crosslinkers. Our products designed as solvent-borne, water- based and 100% solids meet the requirements of high performance formulations in a wide range of application areas.
Learn more about Low Free Technology windmills at sunset

Low Free Technology

LANXESS is a leading innovator in the development of LF isocyanate technology which brings unparalleled performance and industrial hygiene to cast elastomers, coatings, and adhesives applications. LF urethane prepolymers minimize exposure to free isocyanate, a subject of increasing regulatory focus. LANXESS is the only manufacturer offering LF urethane prepolymers with levels of free isocyanate below 0.1% across a wide range of chemistries, including TDI, MDI, pPDI, IPDI, and HDI.


Discover Coating Solutions Water drops on waterproof black fabric

Coating Solutions

LANXESS provides innovative polyurethane technology as key component for a range of coating systems, leveraging our expertise in urethanes to meet industry demand for sustainable solutions. Our focus is on three areas: water-based technology, low free technology and blocking technology. Providing solutions for a wide range of applications.
Discover Adhesives and Sealants Solutions Automobile manufacturing, automotive glass coating technology

Adhesives and Sealants Solutions

LANXESS Urethane Systems drives development of powerful low monomer prepolymers used as flexible formulation platform for adhesives and sealants and one component foams.

Our focus is on the areas Low Free monomer technology and High NCO and higher functionality. Flexible formulation platforms which can be used in a diverse range of applications.

LANXESS Urethane Solutions

With decades of urethane chemistry and formulation expertise, LANXESS understands the synergy between part design and the physical properties of urethane needed to achieve optimal performance. Urethane Systems has extensive technical and analytical knowledge, as well as special testing and modeling capabilities. With expertise in design and processing, experienced technical teams are able to create valuable new technologies for the most complex challenges.

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