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LANXESS is a worldwide leading manufacturer of biocidal active ingredients and formulations and offers a wide range of products for many different applications.

Protect, preserve and control

If you are looking for a biocide or a biocidal formulation, here is where you will find it. 

Thanks to our global network, we are always close by our customers. We draw on many years of technical, microbiological and regulatory experience. With application technology laboratories and regulatory experts in all regions, we are available locally to our customers with advice and assistance.

In order to fully satisfy our customers’ needs, we continuously invest in research and development of innovative products.

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Application Technology Center

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Regulatory Affairs Services

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Global sales and production network

Biocides for various industries

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Paints & Coatings

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Water Treatment

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Wood Protection

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Personal Care

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Household & Commercial Cleaning

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Root Resistance

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Pulp and Paper

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Specialty Paper & Packaging

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Metal Working Fluids

We are growing

LANXESS has acquired many biocide suppliers within the last years. Since 2020, IPEL in Brazil completes our production network in South America. The acquisition of Intace strengthened our position in specialty paper and packing market since 2021 and the recent IFF Microbial Control acquisition even boosted our global position as one of the leading biocide suppliers worldwide.

What concerns our customers and us

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Alternative active ingredients in Europe

With the publication of the 15th ATP, only a limited choice of biocide formulations remains available in Europe, that do not trigger the H317 label on the end product. DBDCB based products are a good alternative for the preservation of various in-can products.
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DGH for water treatment

Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride controls biofilm as well as planktonic bacteria. It is especially suitable for water treatment applications. DGH can either be used as an everyday biocide or as a specialty biocide for highly contaminated systems.
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European preservation under pressure

Adapt your preservation system with LANXESS formulations. LANXESS provides customers with the necessary support to understand the consequences, and offers assistance in adjusting preservation strategies accordingly.

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