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Sustainable Products

We systematically assess the sustainability of our portfolio and consider sustainability criteria in the development of products and applications. We build long-term relationships with our customers, driving innovation together and helping them make their business sustainable.
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Scopeblue® - our "Sustainability Stars"
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Enabling sustainability - our products
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Digitization meets sustainability: The LANXESS Product Carbon Footprint Engine
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How our solutions help achieve the SDGs
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The LANXESS Product Sustainability Monitor


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Mesamoll plasticizer from LANXESS now even more sustainable

August 28, 2023
Night sky with circular star trails

The Dance of the Molecules

August 22, 2023
The yellow grapes on a vineyard with sunlight at sunset

The grapevine moth love trap

August 09, 2023
As alternatives to single use cups and bottles, there are various resuable solutions like a reusable bottle or reusable cup made out of hard plastic.

Kanpai and Cheers for the Environment

August 01, 2023
LANXESS launched an education initiative in 2008 and promotes education at schools and universities.

15 Years of Education Initiative

July 15, 2023