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Witcobond® Water-based Polyurethane Dispersions provide formulators polymers with a range of high performance properties such as toughness, flexibility, weatherability, durability and haptics, while complying with increasingly demanding regulations on VOC.

Water-based polyurethane dispersions (PUD) for Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants

Coatings and adhesive industries increasing demand for sustainable technical solutions has initiated a shift from solvent-borne towards water-based systems over past decades. LANXESS developed Witcobond® polyurethane dispersions (PUD) to sustain and enable customers towards the development of high performance products, complying with the constantly evolving and more demanding regulations on volatile organic content (VOC) and industry related standards.

Formulators of water-based coating systems can choose from our broad range of Witcobond® polyurethane dispersions, including high solids systems, designed to meet specific application needs. LANXESS offers a wide selection of ester, ether and polycarbonate types with anionic and nonionic backbones. A dedicated global technical team can sustain formulators to tune coatings properties like hardness, flexibility, toughness and chemical resistance. Witcobond® PUDs can be used in water-based heat curing coatings and textile treatments in combination with Trixene® Aqua BI crosslinkers to further improve adhesion, physical properties and heat stability.

Key Features of Witcobond® 

  • Balanced portfolio with strong performance in high solids grades
  • Water-based blocked crosslinkers for 1K and 2K stoving systems
  • Solids contents varying from 30% to 60% w/w
  • Co-solvent and surfactant-free grades available for optimizing HS&E requirements
  • Tailored grades for specific coating needs (e.g. matt surfaces or soft touch)
  • Compatibility with a wide range of aqueous co-binders, such as acrylic dispersions
  • Compoundable with pigments, matting agents, flame retardants and other auxiliaries


LANXESS PUDs are widely used in the fiber sizing industry, and can be tailored for new requirements. They offer superior bonding of filaments in fiber and composite processing, and outstanding physical properties in end applications.

Witcobond® is also used for industrial coatings including soft touch applications where the haptics of normally harsh surfaces can be modified. Such coatings protect the base materials used in e.g. automotive interior facias and teletronic components, and provide improved aesthetics. Alternatively, harder Witcobond® products can be used in durable, chemically-resistant 1K and 2K systems, applied to hard substrates such as wood, metals, glass, plastics, concrete and masonry. Waterborne PUDs are broadly used in textile processing, typical applications range from full waterproof and weatherproof coatings, back coatings, laminating adhesives, pigment binders used in textile printing, and clothing with imperceptible finishes on yarns and fibers. Other functional textile uses include protective coatings on belts, ropes, braids, optical fibers and filament yarns.

Our technical team can tailor our polyurethane dispersions to meet specific customer needs for different balance of application properties and technical performance.

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LANXESS provides innovative polyurethane technology as key component for a range of coating systems, leveraging our expertise in urethanes to meet industry demand for sustainable solutions.
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